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Ñ​​-Content caters to professionals in private practice and small businesses who are interested in reaching the Hispanic market. This allows us to remain flexible and adapt to the needs of our customers. Each customer is a particular case with different budgets. What they have in common is their interest in the Hispanic community.


Being a small and flexible organization allows us to constantly investigate and innovate on the access channels of our target audience and offer an easier, faster and less expensive service.

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El Abogado Pedro


El Abogado Pedro is a branch of Krompecher Law that serves the Hispanic community in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Besides building its brand, El Abogado Pedro educates about worker´s compensation, injured person´s rights and immigration.

We manage their Spanish Facebook Page and Instagram

Malek & Malek Abogados


Malek & Malek Abogados is a firm in Ohio that serves the Hispanic community.


Besides building its brand, Malek & Malek Abogados educates about worker´s compensation and injured person´s rights.

We manage their Spanish Facebook Page, Site and Instagram

Alzheimer en Español
Noticias de la Asociación de Alzheimer


This is the Facebook Page for the Hispanic Outreach of the Alzheimer´s Association, Central Florida Chapter.  


Through this page, the Association educates, promotes and support people with Alzheimer and their caregivers

Gracias a la Vida


"Gracias a La Vida" is the name of the book we promoted on Facebook. Lillian Diaz Sol writes her autobiography and at the same time the contemporary history of El Salvador.

Best Dollar Shop


This is a discount store that sales retail at great prices. They use Facebook to advertise their always new inventory and distribute fun coupons among their followers.

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