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It is not only about writing proper Spanish, but it is also about knowing the culture and knowing the numbers. Then the right tools and communication channels must be used. 


The Hispanic market is a new rising opportunity right here in the US. 53 million persons, 3.2 million businesses.


In Ñ-Content we believe in riding the wave but at the same time, keeping it simple. We make it easier, faster and less expensive.


The Hispanic community likes to communicate with family and friends overseas. Facebook is a very useful tool for that matter so Facebook reports having 22 million Hispanic accounts in the US.


Ñ-Content creates appealing messages in a proper Spanish to position your brand among the Hispanic community.


LinkedIn is a professional social media to publish resumes, look for jobs or hire specialize workers. 

It has many tools to help B2B businesses find clients and individual professionals to network in their job marketplace.

Every business can consolidate its brand through a business page and the personal pages of its leaders. 


If you need more space to deliver your message use a newsletter. Newsletters allow you to educate your clients which in return makes the rest of your work easier.


Ñ-Content will create and deliver timely newsletters that will add a plus to your services educating and positioning your brand.


There is a wealth of information on the Internet that can be very useful for your organization and your clients. Choosing the most reliable and accurate information available adds a plus to your marketing strategy at a very low cost.


Let Ñ-Content find and curate this information for your firm and use it in your post and other messages.


It is very important to know the numbers and to be able to find and access sensitive information critical for your firm.


If your firm needs to mine the net let Ñ-Content do it for you.


Much of the information you want to communicate with your clients and potential clients is already in English. Just need to translate it in a more proper way than through an automatic translator.


Besides translation is also a matter of framing the content in the right cultural context so it will be appealing to the Hispanic market.

People love videos and videos help you build a relationship with your target market by bringing them near. Videos allow your public to meet you and your organization through a sense of closeness.

Plus videos make any explanation easier and faster. Let Ñ-Content build easy-going videos for your site or Facebook Page.

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